Polishing Buff


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Polishing Buff

  • For removing light scratches and water deposits from glass

The AP4100 polishing buff mounts to a standard drill that can be used with the AP4050 cerium oxide power (sold separately) to remove very light scuff marks or water deposits. If you can feel the imperfection with your finger nail normally this cannot be removed, however this may improve slightly. This should work okay with a light etch or discolouration on the glass.

Mix cerium oxide with water to create a slurry that’s the same consistency as milk. Put the slurry on the AP4100 spinning buffing pad. The polishing action will be fastest when the cerium oxide is damp, but not dry, or runny wet. Fill a spray bottle with water and use it to keep the area you are polishing damp. Be careful not to heat up the glass too much as some glasses may distort the glass surface, this is why you should keep the area damp during the polishing process.

Clean with a clean rag and inspect the damaged area. Continue to polish the area until you are satisfied that the imperfection is removed or improved or meets your requirements.

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SKU: AP4100

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