Magnetic Paint Clamp Holder with Flexible Arm


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Magnetic Paint Clamp Holder with Flexible Arm

Introducing our  Flexible Magnetic Paint Clamp – a Simple and Fast solution to secure and hold a large range of small automotive parts in place that need to be painted during rectification work.

This new clamp is good for parts include door mirror covers, door handles, head light eyebrow moulds, body side moulds, flares, and many other parts and accessories.

The Paint Clamp is 285mm long and has a flexible arm making it possible to fully adjust the part and paint on the best angle. The strong magnetic base provides a secure mount on any metal surface ensuring the part does not move during the painting process. The item being painted is secured with the robust clamp that attaches to small lugs or parts on the rear side of the product.

For other applications which involve working with light but larger items, like spoilers and grilles, two Magnetic Paint Clamps can be used. For parts like spoilers, which do not have a rear side, temporary bolts can be screwed into mounting holes and the clamps can be affixed to the bolt heads.

The magnetic base of these clamps quickly secure to the metal walls of a paint booth. Lining the walls with a clear protection sheeting is recommended to avoid over-spray. Metal T-Bar Paint Stands, which most paint shops will have, provide another excellent surface to mount these Magnetic Paint Clamps.

This unique tool provides great value for money and could be considered one of those ‘must have’ tools for the industry.