BTB Long Flat Serrated Spade Blade – 300mm Long


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BTB™ Long Flat Serrated Spade Blade – 300mm Long

The new Long Flat Spade Blades provide an advantage and a new dimension to the BTB cutting system.  The WK19L and WK19L-S blades are a longer flat version of our popular WK18Z and WK19Z Spade Blades without the offset bend.  This allows these blades to be used for long reach applications to cut hidden sealants and adhesives.

The wider cutting tip provides better control when cutting in-line with the urethane bead, cutting below windscreen dashboards and down the A-Pillar close to the vehicle paint work.

The wide square cutting blade profile is also great for removing bonded panels, bodyside mouldings and bonded components.

These new Long Flat Spade Blades are also fantastic to use with a manual handle to pre‑check all sealant has been separated prior to removal of the glass.

Non-Serrated blades allow quick, simple and damage free removal. Their wide, flat and smooth surface slides freely against a painted panel, causing no damager to the paint or parts.
Serrated blades provide a faster and more aggressive cut for glass removal.