4″ Companion Dock Kit


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4″ Companion Dock Kit

The 4″ Dock is a companion* kit for quarter glass panel removal. It is designed for safe and efficient side glass panel extraction. Its small form factor allows for use on a wide range of small panels and applications. The WRD 4″ Dock uses high tack 3M pads to temporary fasten a winding point to glass panels or vehicle surfaces. Its unique design combines a centre pulling point together with an anchoring/feeding solution.
* Depends on additional components found in primary WRD removal systems for operation.

  • Compact – overall diameter of only 102mm
  • Low profile – maximum height of only 50mm
  • Cordless drill operation μReusable dock
  • Dual pulling points are positioned in close proximity to the glass panel and at opposite ends, allows easy operation from either side.
  • Spindles (female 1/4 hex) in upright alignment allow easy top connection.
  • Can be used with cutting fibre line or steel wire.


  • WRD-RD Removal Dock Base μWRD-RDH Removal Dock Spindle
  • WRD-RP 3M Adhesive Pads (9 pcs) μWRD-DPS Moulding Protectors (10 pcs)
  • WRD-BLG Hex Bit Long μWRD-BSM Hex Bit Short μWRD-4DPB Tool Case
  • Instruction Manual