Spider 4 Auto Glass Removal Kit


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Spider 4 Auto Glass Removal Kit

  • Re-designed Spider body is now DUAL FUNCTION with both winding and anchoring in its simple streamlined frame.
  • Refined edge angles provide guidance during operation.
  • Rotating metal components are fully enclosed to eliminate chance of direct contact.
  • Female 1/4 hex spindle angled for easy connection to a cordless drill.
  • Excellent gripping power and side torque resistance.
  • Optimized spindle angle for easy connection µ Low placement of deflection roller improves center of gravity.


  • Spider 4 Removal Device
  • WRD-A3 Anchor Cup
  • WRD-P8 Cutting Fibre Line
  • WRD-AD2 Angle Driver
  • WRD-DP Dash Protector
  • Cutting Line Threader
  • Cutting Line Dispenser
  • WRD-IS Install Stick
  • WRD-S4B Hex Bit
  • WRD-LP Cutting Line Holder Pins (4pcs)
  • Plastic Tool Case
  • Instruction Manual

SKU: WRD-S4-300P